Billing System Software

Billing System Software

Billing System is an array of software & hardware. In short, a billing system gathers call information and service usage information, categorizes all the information for particular accounts or clients, creates invoice statements, reports for administration, and records customers' financial statement.

Billing System Software is specially designed to control time and billing tracking. Billing System software is able to track the hours worked by employees as well as operating expenses associated with specific projects or customers.

Are you managing billing system manually for your business?? If you are struggling to resolve individuals' internal billing system and outside of the payroll system it is required to track benefit deduction debts, think about us. We, Softtel Technology are providing finest Billing System solution, which permits you to computerize the managing process of employee remuneration billing.

Popular billing software tools include Sage Timeslips, Billing Manager, Billing Tracker, Intuit QuickBooks Time and kBilling.

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